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As the owner of Pulse Surf House, I promise you an unforgettable stay where luxury meets adventure, ensuring every moment is as exclusive as it is memorable


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Welcome to Pulse Surf House: A Haven of Exclusive Tranquility

Nestled in Afulu, Indonesia, We offer luxury and serenity for an unforgettable retreat.

Sea. Tropical Paradise

Nestled on the edge of Indonesia’s unspoiled wilderness, Pulse Surf House stands as a testament to luxury, adventure, and the promise of solitude. Conceived with the discerning traveler in mind, this independent villa marries the thrill of exploration with the comforts of upscale living. 

From world-class surfing at your doorstep to the tranquility of virtually untouched beaches, Pulse Surf House offers an experience like no other. With almost zero tourists in sight, guests are assured a uniquely personal encounter with Indonesia’s breathtaking natural beauty. Here, every detail is designed to transport you away from the mundane, into a world where luxury and nature coalesce seamlessly.

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Rent our entire villa for a uniquely private and unforgettable experience in comfort and elegance, nestled in your personal paradise in Indonesia.

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Dive into a world where luxury meets adventure, from surfing pristine waves to unwinding on secluded beaches.


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Daniel & Laura
Daniel & Laura


The secluded location of Afulu Surf House is its true charm. It felt like we had our own private slice of Indonesia, away from the crowds. Between surfing sessions on gentle waves perfect for beginners and exploring the untouched natural beauty around us, it was the adventure of a lifetime.

The Chen Family
The Chen Family


Afulu Surf House captured our hearts with its blend of adventure and tranquillity. As beginners, the surfing was thrilling yet accessible, and the villa's remote location allowed us to truly disconnect and immerse ourselves in the natural wonders of Indonesia. It's a unique experience we highly recommend to anyone seeking adventure and peace in equal measure.

Noah G.
Noah G.


Embarking on our journey to Afulu Surf House, we were greeted with the perfect balance of adventure and serenity. The villa's remote location promised a genuine escape, and it delivered beyond our expectations. Learning to surf on the welcoming beginner waves was a highlight, complemented by the tranquility of being in such a secluded paradise. It's a hidden gem for anyone looking to explore Indonesia's natural beauty.

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