About Pulse Surf House

Welcome to Pulse Surf House

Your Exclusive Retreat on the remote island of Nias.
Your adventure awaits...

Nestled on the pristine shores of Afulu, Indonesia,Pulse Surf House offers a unique blend of luxury and seclusion for those looking to escape the ordinary. This exclusive villa provides not just a stay but an experience, surrounded by untouched natural beauty and breathtaking ocean views. 

Every detail of the villa is designed with your comfort and privacy in mind, ensuring a tranquil sanctuary away from the bustle of tourist spots. Whether you’re looking to surf, explore, or simply relax, Pulse Surf House is your perfect getaway.

Beyond the Conventional: A Journey to Serenity and Simplicity

Embrace the Adventure at Pulse Surf House

At Pulse Surf House, we offer something far beyond the typical luxury experience—here, you embark on an adventure in one of the most remote locations in Indonesia. While you may not find the extensive amenities typical of Bali’s bustling resorts, what we offer is profoundly unique. Our villa is a haven for those who seek to disconnect from the ordinary and immerse themselves in the extraordinary.


Here, you trade constant connectivity and commercial tourism for a genuine connection with nature, a chance to surf untouched waves, and the opportunity to explore authentic local culture. Join us for a lifetime experience where simplicity and serenity are woven into every moment, promising not just a vacation, but a transformation.